Serious Accidents / 911

A. Procedures :

1. Call 911 if anyone is seriously injured. Administer first aid and/or CPR until medical professionals arrive on the scene. Do not move the injured person(s) if there is a potential for further injury.
2. Secure the site to avoid further damage or injuries.

3. Notify :
Superintendent :  Jay Rodriguez – (774) 278-1741
Superintendent : Andrew Dobbins – (774) 278-8959
Superintendent : Kyle Shea – (508) 473-2580
Safety Manager : Dan Della Giustina Jr. – (774) 462-1481
Senior Project Manager : Ernie Vrahopoulos – (617) 620-3974
Safety Director : Dan Della Giustina – (508) 686-6008

4. Post employees at access points to receive the ambulance and assist EMS personnel

5. Keep someone posted at the job site trailer’s telephone.
Senior Project Manager : Ernie Vrahopoulos – (617) 620-3974

6. Determine which hospital the injured worker will be transported to. A Consigli employee should accompany the injured worker to the hospital.

7. Additional Notifications :
Project Executive : Ryan Jennette – (508) 328-2279
Injured Worker’s Family

8. If media is present, notify the Director of Corporate Communications. Designate a spokesperson. Remind all employees to refer reporters to the spokesperson only. Assist media while keeping them out of the way of emergency operations.

9. Take photographs, write down names and addresses of witnesses. Follow the incident investigation and reporting procedures outlined in Section A–5

10. Obtain a copy of the paperwork from the hospital which includes the diagnosis, treatment, work restrictions, and follow-up requirements.

11. Employer shall conduct post-incident testing in accordance with Consigli’s policies. (Note: Subcontractors are responsible for testing their own employees. Consigli shall not test subcontractor employees.)

12. On-site medic and/or Safety Manager shall follow-up with the injured worker and continue to monitor their condition until any restrictions are removed.

B. First Aid/CPR/AED Trained Personnel :

Superintendent :  Jay Rodriguez – (774) 278-1741
Safety Manager : Dan Della Giustina Jr. – (774) 462-1481

C. Hospital Locations :

Boston Medical Center
One Boston Medical Center Place
Boston, MA 02118 – (617) 638-8000

D. Fire Departments :

Boston Fire Department
115 Southampton Street
Boston MA, 02118 – (617) 343-3550

E. Reporting :

1. Safety Manager shall review the paperwork from the hospital to determine if the incident shall be classified as first aid, recordable, recordable with restrictions, or lost time.
2. The Safety Manager or member of the project team must submit all first aid, recordable and lost time incidents within KPI.
3. The Regional Safety Director shall notify OSHA as follows:

Within 8 hours for fatalities, and
Within 24 hours for in-patient hospitalizations of 1 or more employees, amputations, or losses of an eye.

(Note: For subcontractor employees, Regional Safety Directors shall coordinate with the employer to notify OSHA).