In the event an excavation is required, the following procedure shall be followed:

The Superintendent will authorize the evacuation, determine the preparation time, and notify the Assistant Superintendents and the Safety Manager via mobile phones.

The Superintendent and designated Assistant Superintendents will contact the subcontractors under their supervision via mobile phones or in person, and report the evacuation and preparation time.

All work shall stop. Supervisors and foremen will instruct the crews on any emergency site preparations to be completed prior to exiting the structure or area.

When the preparation time has expired, the Superintendent will call for or sound the evacuation signal.Three continuous blasts of the air siren will signal the evacuation.

After evacuation to the rally point(s) has occurred, each subcontractor supervisor will take a headcount for their crew. The Superintendent and Safety Manager must be notified of any workers who are unaccounted for and their last known location.

Consigli Representative:

Dan Della Giustina Jr.

Aaron Davis
Curtis Heinz

Subcontractor Representative(s):