Medical Clinic Injury

A. Procedures

1.Notify :
Superintendent :  Chris Harris – (774)217-0155
Project Manager : Rachel Whitermore – (774)217-3242
Project Manager : Andrew Rouille – (774)573-4036
Safety Director : Dan Della Giustina – (508) 686-6008
Safety Manager : Dan Della Giustina Jr. – (774) 462-1481

2. A Medical Authorization for Treatment Form must be filled out and signed by a Consigli employee, and given to the injured worker to take to the clinic.

3. A Consigli employee should accompany the injured worker to the clinic for evaluation and treatment.

4. Obtain a copy of the paperwork from the clinic which includes the diagnosis, treatment, work restrictions, and follow-up requirements.

5. Employer shall conduct post-incident testing in accordance with Consigli’s policies. (Note: Subcontractors are responsible for testing their own employees. Consigli shall not test subcontractor employees.)

6. On-site medic and/or Safety Manager shall follow-up with the injured worker and continue to monitor their condition until any restrictions are removed.

B. Medical Clinic Location :

Nearest medical clinic :
Boston Medical Cente
One Boston Medical Center Place
Boston, MA 02118 – (617) 638-8000

C. Reporting

Safety Manager shall review the paperwork from the clinic to determine if the incident shall be classified as first aid, recordable, recordable with restrictions, or lost time.

The Safety Manager or member of the project team must submit all first aid, recordable and lost time incidents within KPI.