Bomb Threat

Steps to take for a phoned in or emailed bomb threat:

Keep the caller on the phone line or engaged in email for as long as possible. If possible, ask the following questions:

When will the bomb go off?

Where is the bomb located?

What type of bomb is it?

How is the bomb activated?

Why are you doing this?

Take note of the following:

Time of call or email?

Exact words of discussion?

Male or female?


Familiar voice?

Background noises?

Did the caller seem to be familiar with the building or location

Notify the Superintendent and Safety Manager who will contact senior management and will then determine whether or not to evacuate the premises. If evacuation is called for, have employees meet in a pre-assigned assembly area outside of the building.

Call 911 and follow the direction of authorities.

Do not allow anyone except authorized personnel to enter the job site. All visitors should be escorted from the job site, but remain available for questioning.

The team leader should determine if media attention is likely. If so, the Director of Corporate Communications shall be contacted immediately.

Notify the project owner/developer.