Evacuation Plan

Arlington High School – Project #2153

869 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington, MA  02476

An evacuation will be ordered for life threatening emergencies (collapse, explosion, fire).  Person/persons discovering emergency shall take the following actions:

  • Immediately dial 911
  • Contact Consigli Superintendent Chuck McWilliams (508)962-2237

Evacuation order shall be signaled by:

  • Alerting all workers by the sounding 3 blasts of an air horn or the building alarm. 
  • When the alarm sounds, you must promptly evacuate the facility via the nearest safe exit route and head towards your assigned muster point location at the Consigli Field Office (see below)
  • Critical operations shutdown procedures (unless listed above) are not required, because no employees are authorized to delay evacuation for this purpose.
  • Portable fire extinguishers are provided if fire is in incipient/budding phase only.
  • Project Superintendent, Chuck McWilliams, and any other trained individual on site, is responsible for performing first aid on any injured person once outside evacuated area.
  • Project Superintendent Chuck McWilliams, or a CCC designee, will be responsible for accounting for all CCC employees on site.
  • Project Superintendent Chuck McWilliams , or the CCC designee, will be responsible for knowing what subcontractors are on site at all times.
  • A representative from each subcontractor will be responsible for accounting for their employees and notifying Chuck McWilliams or the CCC representative.
  • For further assistance with emergency evacuation procedures, you may contact Safety Director Bryan Kingsbury at (508)808-9359

Muster Point

Back End of Evacuation Plan and Muster Point