Evacuation Plan

37 Boynton St, Worcester, MA 01609

Project 2175

An evacuation will be ordered for life threatening emergencies (collapse, explosion, fire).  Person/persons discovering emergency shall take the following actions:

  • Immediately dial WPI Campus Police (508)881-5555
  • Contact Consigli Project Superintendent: Onil Charest (774)217-0631 or Consigli General Superintendent:  Steve O’Toole (617)293-6007

Evacuation order shall be:

  • Alerting all workers by the sounding of three long blasts of an air horn. Air horns are located on all 4 levels of Building by exit, and in Consigli’s Field Office, on Level 1(Command Post) by exit doors. Also, temporary fire alarm pull stations are located at each stairwell on each floor.
  • Workers must stop and secure all work and machinery, including all hoisted materials and evacuate the building or area immediately by the use of the nearest exit, and proceed to the Muster Point.
  • Critical Operations shutdown procedures (unless listed above) are not required, because no employees are authorized to delay evacuation for this purpose.
  • Portable fire extinguishers are provided if fire is an incipient/budding phase only.
  • CC Superintendents, or the CCC designee will be responsible for knowing what subcontractors are on site at all times. A representative from each subcontractor will be responsible for accounting for their employees and report to CC Superintendent or the CCC representative at the Muster Point their count.
  • Superintendent will call (Command Post) Onil Charest to relay findings. (Command Post) Mark Suscovich  will call (Gate A).
  • See Emergency Communication Plan for other contacts that need to be notified.
  • A media corral if necessary will be established at Gate A.

Muster Point

Back End of Evacuation Plan and Muster Point