Evacuation Plan

Heywood Hospital – New Surgical Pavilion

249 Woodland Ave, Gardner MA 01440

The following procedures will be ordered for emergencies (collapse, explosion, fire).  Person/persons discovering emergency shall take the following actions:

  • To report a fire, pull the nearest pull station and call 911.
  • Contact Consigli Superintendent: TBD          

Project Manager: Brandon Oxner (508)902-7664

Emergency Procedures.

  • Emergencies will be announced through the site by Three long blasts of an air horn.
  • When an emergency is announced in the construction area or floor and building where the construction area is located, follow the EXIT signs to evacuate the building via the nearest exit route.
  • After an emergency evacuation, employees are directed to the area adjacent to the filed office near main entrance into site
  • If the emergency is announced in a separate floor or building in the hospital, work will stop to secure all materials and machinery and work crews will “shelter in place” while awaiting further instruction or the “All Clear” announcement.
  • Portable fire extinguishers are provided if fire is in incipient/budding phase only.
  • Superintendent, TBD and any other trained individual on site, may perform first aid on any injured person once outside evacuated area.
  • Superintendent TBD, or a CCC designee, will be responsible for accounting for all CCC employees on site and contacting Heywood Hospital Representatives .  
  • Superintendent TBD, or the CCC designee, will be responsible for knowing what subcontractors are on site at all times. A representative from each subcontractor will be responsible for accounting for their employees and notifying TBD or the CCC representative. For further assistance with emergency evacuation procedures, you may contact Safety Director Bryan Kingsbury (508)808-9359.

Muster Point

Back End of Evacuation Plan and Muster Point