Evacuation Plan

Project # 2687

102 US Naval Academy, Annapolis MD 21402

  • Immediately dial (410)293-3333
  • Contact Superintendent: Adam Cirigliano (508)769-0594

Evacuation order shall be:

  • Alerting all workers by the sounding of three long blasts of an air horn or building alarm.
  • Workers must stop and secure all work and machinery, including all hoisted materials, and evacuate the building immediately by use of the nearest exit.
  • Critical operations shutdown procedures (unless listed above) are not required, because no employees are authorized to delay evacuation for this purpose.
  • Facilities will notify Adam Cirigliano or CCC designee, so any potential obstructions can be moved.
  • Portable fire extinguishers are provided if fire is in incipient/budding phase only.
  • Superintendent, Adam Cirigliano and any other trained individual on site, is responsible for performing first aid on any injured person once outside evacuated area.
  • After an emergency evacuation, employees are directed to the gather on the sidewalk on the Second Street entrance located on the SE elevation of the site. (See Below)
  • Adam Cirigliano, or a CCC designee, will be responsible for accounting for all CCC employees on site.
  • Superintendent Adam Cirigliano, or the CCC designee, will be responsible for knowing which subcontractors are on site at all times. A representative from each subcontractor will be responsible for accounting for their employees and notifying Adam Cirigliano or the CCC representative.
  • For further assistance with emergency evacuation procedures, you may contact Safety Director Bryan Kingsbury at (508)808-9359.

Muster Point

Back End of Evacuation Plan and Muster Point