In the event of a fire, follow these procedures:

1. If workers smell or see smoke or a fire, they are to stop what they are doing and notify a Consigli staff member and leave the area immediately.

2. Inform the Superintendent of the location and size of the fire and/or the smoke, if known. Inform the Superintendent of the existence of flammable or combustible material in close proximity to the fire.

3. Safely contain or extinguish the fire if it is small enough to do so using a portable fire extinguisher and if there is no flammable or combustible liquids or gases in the area. Do not try to fight a fire that is out of control!

4. If the fire is spreading or the area is filling with smoke, workers are instructed to leave the area immediately.

5. The Superintendent shall notify the Safety Manager and request that the Fire Department be called, if needed.

6. A Consigli Representative shall contact the Fire Department, if needed.

7. The Safety Manager shall act as liaison for emergency services, if needed.

8. The Superintendent shall direct the Field Supervisors to assist in the emergency activities, if needed.