Motor Vehicle Accidents

These procedures apply to vehicle accidents involving company, leased, rental, or client vehicles. These procedures also apply to accidents involving personal vehicles while on company business:

A. Procedures at the accident:

Call 911 if anyone is seriously injured.

Contact the police.

Take photos of any damage to vehicles or property.

Obtain other driver’s contact information:

Full name:

Phone number:


Home address:

Obtain other driver’s insurance information:

Insurance company name:

Insurance company phone number:

Insurance policy number:

Obtain other vehicle information:


License plate number / state:

Driver’s license number:

B. Procedures following the accident

Testing shall be conducted immediately after the accident in accordance with Consigli’s Fitness for Duty policy.

Contact Risk Management for further instructions.

Kevin McCoy (774) 226-0609

Contact the Safety Manager, Dan Della Giustina Jr, to submit the incident within KPI.