Utility Emergency

In the event that a utility line is struck and/or damaged, follow these procedures:

1. Secure the area to prevent further injury or damage.

Gas line – eliminate all ignition sources

Water line – remove or shut off all electrical sources, check flood potential.

Electrical line – keep operator on energized equipment, barricade 30’ back.

2. If the utility line can be safely shut off via a valve, breaker, etc., do so.

3. The subcontractor supervisor shall contact the Consigli Superintendent and Safety Manager and relay the nature, cause, and exact location of the utility break.

4. The Safety Manager will notify the Consigli Field Office who will notify the Fire Department, if needed.

5. The Superintendent shall contact the utility company.

6. The Safety Manager or Superintendent will contact the Project Manager.

7. The subcontractor involved will assist Consigli representatives with the utility company when they arrive.